The Shoes That Won Last Night: Shabazz Napier Leads UConn to NCAA Title

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April 7

Image via USA Today

How do you come back after a year of tournament ineligibility? Win the whole thing as a 7th seed, that’s how. Last night, the Connecticut Huskies complete a run that can only be described as incredible, downing Kentucky in the NCAA Championship Game 60-54. After a grueling path to the finals, the Huskies were able to put down the Wildcats after yet another star-caliber night from Shabazz Napier. Not only that, but UConn’s defense came ready for war, holding Kentucky to under 40% overall shooting from the field in what actually should have been an even more one-sided game. Napier was honored with the Final Four’s Most Outstanding player award, capping off an incredible season that will surely help to boost the senior guard’s draft stock.

On the diamond, the MLB entered its second week with a handful of games, although two were postponed due to weather. Most notably, the Los Angeles Angels dealt Houston a major 9-1 blowout, while Colorado put a 8-1 hurting on the White Sox. Catch up on these games and more on the next page.

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