The Shoes That Won Last Night: Clippers Thwart Thunder, Tie Series

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May 11

Image via USA Today

Don’t count out Lob City just yet. Facing a 2-1 deficit, the Clippers exploded during the fourth quarter of yesterday’s Game 4 and rallied to a 101-99 win over Oklahoma City. The Thunder dominated through nearly the entire game, before falling apart as Los Angeles rallied to an important win on the back of a breakout performance from Darren Collison. As usual, CP3, Blake Griffin, and Sixth Man of the Year winner Jamal Crawford also went to work for the Clippers as they capped off the miraculous comeback. With the series now even at 2-2, Tuesday night’s Game 5 is shaping up to be one of the most important games of the postseason thus far.

From the nation’s capital, the Pacers and Wizards clashed in yet another down to the wire finish, with Indiana taking a 95-92 road win and a 3-1 series lead. At the half, Washington looked to be in control, but the lead quickly slipped away as Paul George powered Indiana through the night’s second big comeback. After catching hell from fans following Game 1, Roy Hibbert continues to go on a tear, and he added 17 points and 9 boards in the Indiana W. On Tuesday, they’ll head back to Indianapolis where they’ll look to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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