The Shoes That Won Last Night: Chris Sale, White Sox Dispatch Yankees

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Chris Sale

Image via USA Today

Poetry in motion. Last night, the White Sox cruised to a win over the Yankees thanks to pitcher Chris Sale, who was ruthless on the mound as he went 6 innings and allowed just one hit. Sale struck out ten batters along the way, looking great in his first game in over a month. The left-handed hurler had been recovering from an arm injury, but if last night’s showing was any indication, he’s more than ready to go. In all, he lasted 86 pitches in a remarkable return to the mound. “I don’t think I was ever more excited to give up a hit in my life. (Manager Robin Ventura) said the same thing: ‘You picked a bad night to do something like that.’ It was all in fun; we were just joking around,” Sale said after the game, making light of the situation. In the top of the 9th, the Yankees put two runs on the board before Chicago turned out the lights for the evening.

You’ll find the best cleats on the diamond last night, plus Crowne Plaza Invitational leader Dustin Johnson’s shoes after the break.

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