The Shoes That Won Last Night: Real Madrid Wins Champions League

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It almost slipped away, but Real Madrid have won ‘La Decima’. Down 0-1 against Atletico Madrid as extra time was added, Sergio Ramos kept Real alive with a miraculous goal at the 93 minute mark. After regaining their composure, Madrid took the lead thanks to a goal from Gareth Bale at 110′. But they didn’t stop there: Marcelo and Ronaldo chipped in goals before it was all over, resulting in a 4-1 Real Madrid win for their 10th European title. This caps off a long road to redemption for the storied club, who appeared in their first Champions League finals since a win in 2002. Now, over a decade and a billion dollars later, they’re back on top. Be sure to catch the cleats worn for all four of Real’s historic goals after the break.

On the hardwood, the Eastern Conference Finals continue to intensify as the Miami Heat pulled away with a 99-87 home win in Game 3. After a slow start in the first quarter with just 14 points, the Heat were able to apply pressure through the rest of the game. King James was in top form, shooting 9-14 from the field for 26 points, and he also dished 7 assists and grabbed 5 rebounds  steals in the Miami W. D Wade also had a strong night, finishing with 23 points and 3 steals.

Catch the night’s best cleats and sneakers, plus another lead change in the Crowne Plaza Invitational from Fort Worth after the break.

Riley Jones is a freelance writer from Charlottesville, VA and a contributor to Sneaker Report. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things pop culture, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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  • Jason Woolcock

    Hmmm you can only win la decima once, it means the 10th,

    • Riley Jones

      Jason, thanks for the correction, it’s been fixed!

      • Jason Woolcock

        Hey man, no probs, didn’t mean to pick holes, la decima is something Real Madrid coined after winning the champions league (European Cup) for the 9th time, la decima has been they’re holy grail ever since, it taken them a very long time to do, Mardid won most of their titles back in the 60’s but whatever, what would be a good article is on the state of Spanish football it’s racism is shocking and disgusting and they glorifie themselves in it, also the true story of Real Madrid & how it’s a state run organisation bank rolled by the Spanish government & establishment, this is common knowledge in Europe but would make an interesting article none the less, the sad thing on Saturday is that really from a neutral point of view it was the state against the people, once again the state flexed it’s muscles and won again, for me personnally, a hollow victory, Athletico were 3 mins from shoving a big custard pie in the face of those in control, two good articles to go forward with in my opinion, you guys in the states that are interested in football (soccer) need to know more than what boots these guys are wearing

        • Riley Jones

          Very intriguing stuff, and I really appreciate your insight. I’ll be sure to send your ideas along for consideration. Thanks again, Jason.

          • Jason Woolcock

            You’re very welcome and I’d just like to say I respect how difficult it is writing articles for the general public and your peers to scrutinise, some of the comment on here are just retarded like the cowardly trolls who post them! Yes Football (soccer) is the beautiful game and the most played sport in the world and no other sport gives as many people from the working and lower working classes the opportunity to live the rags to riches story but all is not well, take the upcoming World Cup, the brazilians are mad for the their football and they’ve won the tournament more times than anyone else but the people are rebelling right now as the cost of the tournament and the Olympics in two years time are outrageous! This from a country who can plough this much money into two show piece events instead of what the people want well the cast majority, food, health, education & housing, take a look at the points I’ve made, they make interesting reading and you’re in a position to educate the masses, by the way I’m not some crazy left wing loonie but I am a man who believes in knowledge is power!