The Shoes That Won Last Night: Amid Controversy, Uruguay Advances

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Yesterday, Uruguay advanced with a 1-0 win over Italy, but something went down that managed to overshadow everything else on the pitch. Uruguay’s famed (and notorious) striker Luis Suarez appeared to bite Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. Unfortunately for Suarez, it’s going to be hard to shrug this off as a heat-of-the-moment accident, as it’s not the first time he’s bit an opposing player. Now, the incident is under investigation by FIFA, and the hammer could be coming down on the elite footballer. Chiellini has already voiced his anger, going as far as to call Suarez a sneak who only gets away with it because FIFA wants their stars in the World Cup. What do you think? Will the punishment fit the crime or will Suarez get away with a slap on the wrist?

Catch the cleats from Uruguay’s win, plus Colombia’s Jackson Martinez, who scored two goals in their 4-1 win over Japan, and the best of yesterday’s Wimbledon whites after the break.

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