The Shoes That Won Last Night: Brazil Advances to Semifinals

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Brazil’s in trouble, but for now, the 2014 World Cup hosts are headed to the semifinals against Germany. Yesterday, they managed to hang on to an early lead and finish off a 2-1 win over Colombia, but there were a few casualties along the way. Thiago Silva, who got things going for Brazil with a goal at the 7 minute mark, was hit with a costly yellow card at 64′ for interfering with Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina’s clearance attempt. Elsewhere, Neymar went down with a vertebra injury and has been ruled out of the remainder of the World Cup. Despite all this bad news, Brazil has once again advanced to the semifinals, where they will meet Germany next Tuesday at 4PM.

While the World Cup semis were getting set, the Wimbledon semifinals were going down, and Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will meet in a rematch of the 2012 semifinals for what will be their 35th match against each other. Federer currently leads the rivalry 18-16, but will the Joker be able to catch up? The finals go down Sunday at 9AM.

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