20 Sneakers That Changed Performance Footwear Forever

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Performance footwear these days are often a mixture of scientific breakthroughs and terrific design, so it’s natural to assume that the more materials and technologies are discovered, the more innovative and performance-enhancing our shoes will become. With some of the most compelling and dynamic footwear we’ve ever seen being released recently, let’s take a look at back at the 20 Sneakers That Changed Performance Footwear Forever.

MrBailey is a footwear designer / developer consultant and the co-founder of the custom lifestyle footwear brand,  lūp. He also owns and operates the footwear design, development and marketing agency, FTWRDSGN and is the founder and editor of the footwear design website, Concept Kicks.


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  • Insider_11

    20 sneakers that changed performance footwear forever and you only have 1 adidas shoe?? You do realise that this company, along with puma, founded the industry? Very biased towards modern day footwear and Nike…shame on you.

  • Blak Plague

    Too much Nike. People need to get over the Swoosh already. And Colchester Rubber Company didn’t make the first sneaker or basketball shoe. It was a hoax done as a marketing gimmick q-_-p.

  • theatb

    Well the Foamposite One wasn’t made for Penny, he picked it out of a bag of samples Avar had. Plus what’s up with the picture of the Foamposite Pro? Completely different shoes.

  • OAO

    you left out the Adidas One running shoe.

    • OAO

      and the Adidas Predator, the Puma King, the New Balance 574, the original Mercurials….