The Sneakers Worn by the Last 10 NBA Sixth Man Winners

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Jamal Crawford

Image via USA Today

Since 1956, the NBA’s highest individual honor is the regular season Most Valuable Player. Awarded to the year’s best performer, the Maurice Podoloff trophy is widely considered the end-all, be-all of NBA end of season acknowledgements. However, it’s virtually impossible to rack up steady Ws, much less approach MVP territory, without a strong supporting cast. There’s no question that a fierce starting lineup is imperative, but one of the most overlooked members of the roster is the sixth man.

The Sixth Man of the Year Award was introduced in 1983, celebrating the most impressive bench player of the season. A player who’s able to come off the bench and give his team a much-needed boost is a priceless asset to any franchise, and this year LAC’s Jamal Crawford took home the trophy for the second time in his career. Looking back on some of the more underappreciated stars and sneakers over the years, Sneaker Report presents The Sneakers Worn by the Last 10 NBA Sixth Man Winners.

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