Sochi vs. Vancouver: Which Winter Olympics Had The Best Gear?

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The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is in full effect. After four years of preparation, the athlete’s are ready to rage the world’s biggest stage to showcase their talents. The preparation not only applies to athletes, but also to companies looking to outfit Olympians with the most technologically advanced equipment, and sometimes questionable fashion apparel.

A common trend from big box retailers and developers such as Nike, and Under Armour, is the inclusion of multiple technologies packed into one piece of performance gear or apparel. In year’s past, there seemed to be a more conscious effort on fashion rather then functionality, but as we’ve seen with the gear for Sochi 2014, there seems to be a happy medium that was reached. With the game’s upon us, here’s some looks at how apparel and performance gear has changed and advanced in just four short years from Vancouver 2010 to Sochi 2014.

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