The 10 Best Bouldering Shoes Available Today

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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a seasoned climber who knows the difference between rock climbing and bouldering. But just in case we have some newcomers in the house, the idea is quite simple: bouldering is a type of rock climbing that, unlike traditional climbing, is done without a rope or harness for a slightly riskier adventure.

This means you’ll count mostly on your abilities, along with your shoes, as you hit the outdoors. And by shoes we don’t mean your Nikes. Rather, a pair of durable, high-traction rock shoes that are designed to fit in cracks and pockets, as you make your way up and over those massive boulders.

To follow up our recent list of the best approach shoes, these are The 10 Best Bouldering Shoes Available Today. So grab that chalk bag and crash pad, and we’ll tell you which shoes you’ll need.


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  • Trish Ang

    Can you do a 10 best women’s bouldering shoes article? :)

  • Scotty Vegas

    What was the criteria used to determine this list? As a climber who owns the Solutions, Miura VS, and the Shamans, I’ve gotta say that I don’t ever use the Miura to boulder.

  • Dallas Pitts

    I’m guessing this is based only off shoe design and not really factoring rubber into the mix? Also, there’s no such thing as a BEST climbing shoe. Climbing shoe fit is relative to the wearer and what may fit well for one person may be flawed to another.

  • mr jv

    where are the five ten teams? cant take this list seriously when those crappy mad rocks are labelled a “high performance” bouldering shoe

  • john

    List is all sorts of whacked out… Agreed with what criteria did you use? A bag of magic mushrooms?

  • trad climber

    this article is bad. author comments that the scarpa vs can be used for crack climbing. no good insight