The 10 Best Cross Country Racing Flats Available Today

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The new cross country season will be here before you know it, and unless you’re planning to rock the same old pair of racing flats you’ve been holding on to for the past couple of years, it may be time to invest in a new pair.

To keep thing simple, cross country shoes come in two forms: spiked and spikeless. Of course, the ones we’re concerned with here are the spikeless ones. Assuming you can figure out the main difference between given just that information, we’ll move on.

Designed mostly for neutral terrain (including, road, grass, and dirt) racing flats are designed to go the distance despite what their minimal construction may suggest. Most solid options lack substantial heel support, however, this allows for more ground contact for runners, giving them more control and promoting an overall natural stride.

However, with so may shoe options out there, we know it can be hard to find the right pair. So we did the work for you. Here are the 10 Best Cross Country Racing Flats Available Today.

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  • bobfredrickjr

    no nike victory xc?

  • Log

    Kil Kenney XC4 rule, and they are very cheap now.

    • Ayfemin Hunt

      What store can I buy these from?

  • Erik Gonzalez

    Some of these shoes aren’t even XC shoes, they’re road racing shoes.

  • gggg

    how is the lunar spider r2 not included???

  • gggg

    how is the lunar spider r2 not included???