The 10 Best Gore-Tex Equipped Running Sneakers This Winter

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You can’t consider buying a jacket today without considering the Gore-Tex option. The tough-as-nails fiber that has traveled to space and back is an industry staple for all of your winter needs.

Since becoming commercially available in the ‘70s, the unmatched waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric has raised the bar for technical outerwear that isn’t limited to just apparel. With so much emphasis put today on innovation and technology, Gore-Tex has successfully answered the call by collaborating with an impressive amount of outerwear and footwear companies to cover all aspects of adventure gear.

While we like with most of Gore’s offerings, being the running enthusiasts we are at Sneaker Report, the variety of winterized running shoes are worth a special mention. And since we’re well into the winter season, there’s no better time to highlight some of the best Gore-Tex equipped running sneakers available today.

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