The 10 Best Headphones for Working Out

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Sure, trying to get a beach body in time for summer is motivation enough, but let’s face it—sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement to get your lazy ass in the gym. For many of use, that added motivation comes in the form of music. When it comes to workout headphones, it’s the same problem runners face: will they stay in your ear? Well if you’re relying on those generic white ones that came with your phone, the answer is no.

However there are options out there that can be trusted to provide high quality sound and stay locked in as you push yourself to the limit. Here are The 10 Best Headphones for Working Out.

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  • Jared D

    Great list. I love the Aftershockz.

  • M Noman


    Some sport headphones

  • Stuart Clark

    The plastic tips fall off all the time. Want a replacement when they are lost? Then be prepared to pay $30. A total ripoff for a poorly designed tip.

  • Jim Jones

    Thanks for this amazing list

  • carl grimes

    i guess they are all great but putting earphones in while working out is SO FUCKING ANNOYING , the cable/wire always gets in the way