The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

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Whether it is Futsal or simply the regular version, playing indoor soccer is as widely played in the US as regular soccer. If weather is an issue, all you need is an indoor venue and the right pair of shoes to enjoy a lung expanding workout. But what sort of shoes should you be actually wearing to play the fast paced game? We take a look at the best shoes currently available on the market, but break down why you should be wearing each of The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes. 

Bryan Byrne is the founder of SoccerCleats101, a website created as a valuable source of unbiased information for players looking to find out about soccer footwear. Got a question about boots? Hit up Bryan on Twitter.


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  • Aleksandr

    Proud to be Gato owner! These are perfect! I’m currently having second pair, first ones were yellow/ black/green, now I’m wearing CR gato’s ( the one’s on the pic)!

    • safiuddin yatim

      sorry sir but i have all gato’s design from air gato, gato ii, gato ii (LTR), gato especial, lunar gato, gato street (suede), gato street (leather) and last but not least, nike 5 street gato woven NRG premium..

      • Estive

        How are the gato ii compared to the originals?

      • kingDD

        so ur a pro on indoor/outdoor shoes from nike:) can u tell me witch indoor shoe is the best?

        • safiuddin yatim

          im not a pro but for my suggestion..street gato(suede) for outdoor and lunar gato for indoor..

      • mynamedoesnotfi

        What is the model of the white ones in the first picture called? I’ve been searching for the last couple of hours..

      • mynamedoesnotfi

        What is the model of the white ones in the first picture called? I’ve been searching for the last couple of hours..

  • soodmeister

    what about the samba classics??

    • Bob

      or the samba milleniums

  • Joseph

    Puma didn’t make the list!? I absolutely love my Powercat Elektras

  • Daniel

    are they good on grass?

    • Reyes

      nope they are “indoor” they slip a lot on grass

  • Tony

    The radium is one of the worst shoes I’ve ever worn. The support is awful. They are extremely light. I’ve been playing over thirty + years and I’m telling you, I have never been more disappointed, I bought them when they first came out and payed over a 100, then tossed them after 3 month.

    • Pete

      I love the Radiums and will get another pair. I guess it depends on the shape of your foot. Very comfortable. Would also like to try the Kelme and Munich Gresca.

  • Rustypete

    Dalpontes. They belong on this list.

  • Doug

    You really missed the Puma King indoor, which is a truly great indoor shoe, durable, leather, good traction, tapered toe, good traditional look, good cushion in the heel and quilted vamp with great touch, fits snug