The 10 Best Racing Shoes Available Now

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Do you want to run fast this spring? Would you do anything for a new PR? Well, couple intelligently hard training with the right footwear, and you have the recipe for success! This guide will present ten top-flight racers for this spring and summer. These are no-frills, go-fast shoes designed to carry you quickly to the finish line of your next 5K-Marathon race. We start with the lightest of the light for your speed sessions and shorter races, and then we will progress to flats more befitting the marathon and the fast long runs needed to excel at that distance. Choose the one that is right for you, lace-up, and scorch the competition as the mercury rises this spring, here are The 10 Best Racing Flats Available Now.


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  • Robert

    This list is shitty, alot of these aren’t racing flats. Where’s the flyknkt racers? Zoom streak?

    • tim

      I thought the same after the first couple, but the list goes from most shoe to least. The RC5000 is a very legit road flat, considerably better than both of the Nike’s you mentioned.

  • I’d rather post as guest

    What’s with all the lame Tri shoes? These aren’t racing flats, they’re flashy Tri Geek shoes for 3:30 marathoners…..

  • Dave

    This is a joke right? No Brooks T7, Adidas Adios, Brooks ST-Racer, Adidas Hagio…

  • Tim Brown

    Behold, the elitists are amongst us mere mortals