The 10 Best Sneakers for Long Distance Running

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These sneakers are made for some major mileage.

If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to add to the rotation, here are the best models suited for long distance runs. Perfect for the runner looking for lightweight construction that is confident in their form from start to finish. For distance ranging from full-fledged marathon to an explosive 10k, the following sneakers have less of a midsole and a super lightweight construction that results in a quicker response from the ground, a dream for any runner aiming for a PR.

The sacrifice made by selecting one of these lightweight frames is less support and the fact that these are nowhere as durable as the beefier models  suggested for less apt runners, but the payoff will result in faster times and longer runs. Check out The 10 Best Sneaker for Long Distance Running.


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  • chad snow

    What are “sneakers” and what do they have to do with running shoes? Are they talking about the candy bar “Snickers”?

    • Leila

      “Sneakers” is a word used to say “comfortable shoes”.. they could be sports shoes or normal everyday shoes :)

  • moi!ses

    have you been under a rock chad snow?? sneakers is a word used in place of athletic shoes.