The 10 Best Sneakers for Long Distance Running

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No. 10 – Mizuno Wave Precision 13

Ideal for: Runners looking for a new all-around kick to add to their weekly rotation.

Weight: 9.5 oz

The Wave Precision 13 is a steady neutral shoe with a light upper texture to guarantee that your feet will not soak up your socks. This sneaker is super comfortable, works with jeans, and is a great kick for post-run activities as well. The Mizuno Wave technology cradles your feet adequately without becoming a clunker on longer routes.


  • chad snow

    What are “sneakers” and what do they have to do with running shoes? Are they talking about the candy bar “Snickers”?

    • Leila

      “Sneakers” is a word used to say “comfortable shoes”.. they could be sports shoes or normal everyday shoes :)

  • moi!ses

    have you been under a rock chad snow?? sneakers is a word used in place of athletic shoes.