The 8 Best Sneakers for Runners with Flat Feet

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Since a runner’s arch is depended on as natural shock absorber, those a lower arch or “flat feet” should choose their running shoes carefully. Whether you are looking to strengthen your foot muscles with a barefoot feel or you’re booking some serious miles and need a stable, support shoe, Sneaker Report is here with 10 speed inducing options for you. Here are The 8 Best Sneakers for Runners with Flat Feet.


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  • Jeff Van Horn

    This is a joke… right? You need to retract this before you get someone hurt.

    • FunD

      Why do you say that? Just curious as I’m a flat-fooded, new runnner.

    • anastasia

      Are you going to provide any details? Or did you just feel like posting something completely useless?

  • Tony Rodriguez

    never include the info for the first shoe!!

    • Adam

      Yeah they did. It’s number 7, the Brooks Adrenaline.

  • Lisa

    This was pretty useless. I have a boyfriend with flat feet and it is very painful for him to wear tennis shoes that have any sort of an arch. If you have flat feet Sketchers and Reebok seem to be the best options.

    • rhubarb

      the reason it is painful is because unused muscles are being srteched back into a more supportive role which is good for your feet in the long run no pun intended. shoes such as Sketches which continue to provide no support, are increasing the slump which will increase his discomfort as time goes by.

    • Kris Tymchyshyn

      He needs a STABLE shoe. I also have this problem and I play a lot of sports. Saucony make some AMAZING shoes, I have also found comfort with New Balance, and I HEAR under armor has shoes specifically for flat feet too. If you can fold the shoe in half, its not for a flat footed person!

    • Philip Wesolowski

      If it is painful for your boyfriend to wear shoes with an arch it’s probably because he hasn’t taken the time to break in the shoes which could take 2-3 weeks. Wear the shoes initially for 1-2 hours a day and gradually increase the amount of time in which they are worn. If your boyfriend has flat feet and continues to wear shoes that have absolutely no arch/support then it is a real possibility that a wheel chair could be in his future. With flat feet and shoes with no support, your foot will gradually roll inward and with enough pronation can eventually equal lots of pain in the foot, not to mention other problems as well. Tell your boyfriend to get a shoe that has good support that will provide him with a life time of benefits. Stay away from the big box stores, go to a shoe store with knowledgeable staff that can help you pick the right shoe, for your feet. VERY IMPORTANT…Just because a shoe feels comfortable when you try it on doesn’t mean it’s the right shoe for you. It may be, but not always esp. when you have flat feet.

    • leesan36

      Lisa, Don’t know if this will help your boyfriend.
      I, too, have flat feet. years ago, I bought some of those Phase 4 inserts that were advertised on TV. They come with 3 arch inserts. I had to wear them with the lowest arch insert and only short periods. But, I built up. Over time I got to where the highest insert worked great. It was really important because I really needed the support to better align my ankles, knees, back… you know.. the old, foot bone connected to the ankle bone song…
      May not be worth the effort, but developing that ability to wear pronation-hampering shoes might ward off knee and back pains as he gets older.
      I now have a collapsing arch and my sciatica is getting worse, but I DID manage to postpone it’s development.

  • cferrante23

    I just got a fitting at a running store and the sales rep gave me Mizuno Waves to try on. It was like finding my glass slipper. I had never tried Mizunos before, but I feel like these will be the only running shoes I will ever wear. I have narrow flat feet, and I mean NARROW. I kept sliding into my shoes, instead of out, to the point that I was afraid I’d rip right through them on the sides. I had this problem with every running shoe I ever tried before the Mizunos. In these ones, I can actually get the laces tight enough so that my feet won’t slip around. It’s amazing.

  • MayaD

    Being a runner with flat feet, I can say that this list is quite a good point to set off from when buying your first or new pair of running shoes. This being that, I think that if you’re a new runner it would do you no harm to check out a tutorial on how to test your feet characteristics so that you know which pair is not only perfect in general but perfect for you! Here is what I use :

  • Hanna

    I’ve run in the Brooks Adrenaline for about two years now. Best shoe for flat feet, hands down.

  • Bob

    Any article on motion control shoes for flat feet that does not mention the Brooks Beast makes me wonder about the credibility.

  • NickleNine

    Brooks Adrenaline for life. I don’t even know how many pairs I’ve gone through and never had a problem. Also, I recently tried the Mizuno Wave Rider and really like them. Good list!