The 10 Best Track Spikes for Sprinters

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In a sport where a fraction of a second could mean the difference between first and third place, runners need all the help they can get from their shoes to perform at top speed on the track. With Track & Field being such a global phenomenon, it’s no surprise that footwear brands offer a wide range of track spikes for athletes to choose from. But the truth of the matter remains that choosing isn’t always that easy.

While they may all look the same to the untrained eye, track spikes come in a variety of shapes and fits depending on distance. If you’re a long distance runner, you’ll want a flat, more durable spike that can go the distance (literally). However, sprinting is all about going short distances in the fastest time possible. This means sprint spikes need a more aggressive profile that can handle tremendous stress as you shoot out of the blocks towards that finish tape.

Being the performance footwear junkies that we are, we’ve put together a list of the 10 Best Spikes for Sprinters that are available today. If you’re a middle or long distance runner, not to worry, we’re working on a list for you too.


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  • richard spam

    typo … prime accellerator, not “price accellerator”

  • Joe Black

    Sorry but the Adizero Prime(Special edition “Red” or the new “yellow”) with the carbon plate and 99g weight each shoe should be on this list. In my opinion it should be Nr.1

  • louw booyjens

    i’m a 100m and 200m sprinter. can you give me more info about the Nike Zoom Ja Fly

  • B Stinson

    Nike Zoom Ja Fly should be the no1 imo! The new superfly’s are over the top, they’re not way as functional as the zoom JA’s are! Although, the new zoom JA’s aren’t way as good as the old ones. Imo the old zoom JA’s are THE best sprinting spikes, ever. Good alternative are the Li-Ning Power Pool’s (by the same designers as the Nike spikes, or so i’ve heard…)

  • andy thunderthighs

    Adizero prime should be no.1 here

  • grandpa

    What do you think about the New Balance 605 style, sprint spike? For 100m 200m and relay 4 x 100m. For Masters level.

  • Jim K.

    hey puma bolt evospeed are actually very light and good it should be first.I’m very happy to have them!

  • TheSweeede

    The puma bolt evoosped are not made for 800m!-.-

    • Davey

      Exactly only up to 400m

  • jesus

    this is a horrible guide there are plenty of other spikes that should be here

  • Brooks Wolf Hailey Carrasco

    Where is the Asics or Sauconys? Those are far lighter than these behemoths.

    • TheBoltSlayer

      It doesnt always matter about how light it is. Matters on the design as well

  • Ausskeleton

    Cannot believe mizuno’s Japanese made chrono inx or geo Mach didnt make the list. Probably because u couldn’t get your hands on any. HA.

  • prosper

    Im 13 years old. i run 100m in 10.60 in Kenya.. i would like to know where i can find it.. am in canada now for summer holiday.. i would like to tak in Africa

    thank you

  • andyclem400h

    A mistake to neglect the Celar 3/4 plate from Nike as found on the Lasista (what a shame only the likes of Felix Sanchez can get hold of these now) and currently found on the Celar Spikes, also custom fit for the likes of Xiang in the past. The R4 and JA are a great spike with the tried and tested strong full length superfly plate, but just too heavy to top any list. The Adidas prime SP are a great lightweight package… if you are sponsored or made of money, but I’d not recommend them to anyone as $200 for a pair of shoes that won’t last the season is not acceptable.

  • Bob

    You missed a number

  • lasitha werellagama

    I got a superfly r3 zoom spike
    is that good for sprinter

  • Pro

    adictters to nike shoes ,some years ago lot of people said that adidas demolisher is heavy and stiff , now nike makes a heavier spike and very stiff and now they love it… prime acelerator is much better than the nike r4… r3 is better thn r4… even the old demolisher is better ,,, love it r3 and ja fly this new r4 is garbage adidas was worst now is better sorry but is true

  • Northeast

    Am I the only one who appreciates the Mizuno Tokyo 7?

  • Cam

    I personally like Nike products. The Zoom JA Fly is really cool and I’ve also used the Zoom Superfly R3:

  • Thexile

    I’d like to buy the superfly but I’m a 200/400 sprinter and hurdler, are they good for the 400 too? If not which should I be looking into

    • Peters

      Saucon endorphin md4

      • CooperD

        Saucony MD4? They’re for 800-1500, not great for sprinting or hurdling either because they’re so flimsy

    • Alberto

      Nike Zoom Celar 4 or 5

  • abishek

    what about adidas adizero finesse? is that a good spike?

  • Ro2AAA

    i’m 100/200m sprinter but i want to ask is this spike will be useful in the curve

  • AsicsRunning

    Asics Cyberblade FX2, Asics Cyber Aura, Asics SP Japan, Asics Cyber Japan, and Asics SP Blade… Mizuno Chrono Inx, Mizuno Tokyo 7, and my favorite Mizuno Geo Silencer that if you guys want the best out there of course you’re gonna have to spend a little bit more money but its worth it…. i have every pair of spikes up there except for the New Balance and the puma… if you have Nike Zoom ja then you have Superfly they’re the same spike with a different design and weight they have the exact same plate… the only goos spikes up there are the asics and mizunos they’re light years ahead of nike adidas saucony and who ever else

  • AsicsRunning

    they’re worth it

  • chathura

    im a 110 hurdle sprinter can you give some info about addidas adizero

  • 50+ woman who loves to run

    I running 100m & 200m in 2 weeks and can’t find womens sprint spikes at local stores because best selection was in the Spring. Hesitant to order online when I have wide forefoot, narrow heel, flat feet and bumps on the top of feet. What can I do?

  • princess

    whats the best trainers for a for a 200 to 400 runner and hurdler

  • doris

    Hi, and what about sprint shoes for women? Can you give advice for our 18 year old daughter.

  • layla

    i’m a 400m and 800m spinter i need tips about what type of spikes to use