The 10 Best Tennis Sneakers for Hard Court Surfaces

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Written by @GurvinderSG

The Australian Open kicked off the first major tennis tournament of the year today, and much like the first day of school players debuted their new rackets, getups, and most importantly, the 2013 lineup of tennis sneakers. While the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 was the shoe to have in 2012, the Australian Open will be the first step to defining the most popular shoes players will pick for the upcoming year. With Roger Federer sticking to his beloved 9’s in a fan picked colorway and Head unveiling a slew of new items for leader Novak Djokovic, the year is off to an exciting start. Put your game in the same starting position with these 10 Best Tennis Sneakers for Hard Court Surfaces. Even if you aren’t facing RF on the fast court this week, you’ll want these sneakers on your side of the net.


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