The 10 Best Track Spikes for Middle Distance Runners

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Middle Distance Lead 2 The 10 Best Track Spikes for Middle Distance Runners

Sprinters got all the love in our first installment of the best spikes for track athletes. This time, we’re out to help middle distance runners find a pair of spikes that will help them be first to the finish tape.

While sprint spikes feature aggressive uppers and spike plates, those designed for middle distance events are more modest, particularly when it comes to spike configuration. Unlike sprinters, who only rely on their shoes sometimes for only a matter of seconds, distance runners need spikes that are both durable, and will provide lasting comfort over longer periods of time.

Of course, as it goes for pretty much all types of performance footwear, choosing the right pair of track spikes often comes down to personal preference. Accordingly, we’ve put together a list of spikes that will cater to a variety of runners. Here are the 10 Best Track Spikes for Middle Distance Runners available today.


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  • Erik Gonzalez

    I have but one question. What in the fuck is a middle-distance runner supposed to be? Is that 400-1600 or what?

    • G

      Generally, any distance between 800m and 1 mile.

    • Nishant Choudhary

      A middle distance runner is a one between 800m and 10,000m.A sprinter is one who runs till 400m.And a long distance runner is above 10000m who runs marathon or half marathon or above it.

  • Aidan

    As you see here mid distance is a minimum of a mile. It depends how old you are. Middle school would be 400-800 HS 800-1600 and higher is a mile and above.

  • BobsYourUncle

    Just wanna add, the Asics FastLaps were terrible for my son in the 800 last year, way too stiff, he switched to Saucony Middle Distance spikes and broke the school record in his first race this year. I’m not saying it’s just the shoes, but he feels like the stiff sole on the Asics caused a lot of problems for him. They were great for 200 – 400, but definitely not an 800 shoe, at least for him.

  • alexis

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  • Guest

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