The 10 Performance Features Sneakers Will Have in 100 Years

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Ever since there has been a “present”, people have been obsessed with predicting the future. From tarot cards to the entrails of small animals, man has tried everything in hopes of discovering the next big thing before it becomes a reality. Here at Sneaker Report, we could care less about politics, economics, natural disasters and the rest of those things normally predicted by swamis and psychics. We want to know what advancements sneakers will make that impact the way we train and the way we ball. Fear not, loyal readers and amateur Nostradomuses (Or should it be “Nostradomi”) … for we have gazed into our office crystal ball (we keep it next to the copy machine) and answered the question that has kept generations of athletes up late at night, existentially pondering. We’ve found out The 10 Performance Features Sneakers Will Have in 100 Years.


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