The 20 Worst Celebrity Marathon Finish Times

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When you are a celebrity, you can have almost anything. You get to date out of your league. People give you things for free. You can endorse any infomercial invention your heart desires. But, there are some things that celebrity cannot guarantee you. One of those things is a fast marathon time. The stop watch is a cruel mistress and no matter whether you are an ’80s hair metal god, a ’90s Dorito pinup or a 2000s almost-President of the United Sates, your time is your time. Here is a list of the 20 Worst Celebrity Marathon Times because, well, we may not have fame and fortune, but at least we have our fitness.


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  • salukihawk

    You should be encouraging, not tearing down. Considering where Al Roker started, any finish is amazing. As someone seeking to do a marathon myself, it’s hubris like yours that discourages people from wanting to try. It is always easy to mock. Personally, I find the accomplishments of several of these non-athletes inspiring.

    • Jen

      And on Drew Carey’s post, looks like a misspell of the event name:
      Marine CROPS (Corps) Marathon.

  • elphelp

    Whoever wrote this is #1 on the list of people who don’t have a heart. This list is horrible. The writer should be extremely embarrassed publishing this.

  • Taryn

    This is horrible. Have you ever run a marathon? It’s f###ing hard! I would be thrilled to finish in 4:34, Lisa Ling’s “not very good marathon time.”

  • anxious_acorn

    Is this a joke?? Have you ever walked 26.2 miles? How about ran 26.2 miles at a 10:30 per mile pace?? What these people did is amazing and they have every right to be proud whether their time was 4hrs or 7. Congrats to all of these celebrities for joining the elite club of Marathoners!

  • Scribllr

    You are a horrible person, Brenden Gallagher. It seems like you where the bully in school. A heartless one.

  • Nick

    All these people should be proud for being brave enough to step up and toe the line. Articles like this send a demeaning message and no one should be embarrassed for doing their best.

  • EstCL

    At least they are are there running! Who are you to judge their time?

  • Conni Errickson Miller

    This is the worst article I have ever read. Considering the battles some of these celebrities have fought to do a marathon, they should be applauded, not torn down. None of these are elite athletes so the fact that they tackled this incredible distance is amazing. I am glad the people in my life who are elite athletes do not treat my awful running times like this. They are nothing but encouraging, but then they have nothing to prove. What do you have to prove that you felt you had to knock these people down like this?