The 8 Best adidas Feet You Wear Basketball Shoes

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Feet You Wear - EQT Elevation

Your foot's not flat, so why should your shoes be? That was the design concept behind adidas' Feet You Wear technology. Launched in 1996, “the greatest piece of sports equipment” was years ahead of its time with a contoured outsole featuring rounded edges and individual “contact” pads made to improve player's stability. These are The 8 Best adidas Feet You Wear Basketball Shoes.


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  • bluedragon

    nice list. also remember liking the top ten 2010 quite a bit. there was another one that was pretty nice. think it was called “eqt domination” or something similar

  • nhm

    great list! now i’ve got my top10s and crazy8, i gotta get em all FYW

  • tom

    where can i get this shoe, the original adidas real deal in black/white

  • GillianAndersonCooper

    I got a pair of Top 10 2010s in 1997. First pair of adidas, and the best basketball shoe I have ever had. The Feet You Wear is one of my favorite things. Those shoes had no hard plastic or anything, just rubber and leather. Extremely cool looking and more importantly, ergonomic. That model (2010) should be on this list. I later briefly had a pair of KBIIs, but they were heavy and nowhere near as comfortable.

  • cheda

    me too