The Best 10 Free Online Workout Programs for Men

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Sometimes women get the upper hand. While there’s endless stream of workout videos, blogs and fitness tutorials for ladies online, it seems like all that’s out there for men are pricey P90X manuals and youtube videos some guy made in his garage. Though it might fee like this is true, if you do a little digging, you’ll find that there are plenty of free resources for men looking to digitally step up their fitness game. Whether you want to shed some pounds, train for a 5K, or, of course, put on some muscle, there is a web-based program to help you on your way. Let’s take a break from porn and fantasy football for a minute and break down the wall between your life with the mousepad and your life as a gym rat with The Best 10 Free Online Workout Programs for Men.

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  • cykoloen

    How can you leave out! That’s by far nummer one to me, amazing site.

  • scott spangenberg

    There are a lot of great workout routines out now a days. A lot will keep you fit, and have you feel like you were 18 again. The trick is to keep up the regimen, along with the proper diet, and the right supplements. At least that is how I have achieved my goals.