The Complete History of Baseball Signature Trainers

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When you think of sneakers digging into the dirt of a baseball diamond, you’re probably not picturing crosstrainers. For most on-field play, cleats are necessary due to the playing surface and rigors of the game. However, many athletes have made such a name for themselves in the sport that they were sponsored by brands to endorse training sneakers. For players, the benefits of having a non-cleated pair of footwear are numerous: athletes can practice, recover, train, and travel in crosstrainer variations. Since the ’90s, a number of stars have been connected to signature models. Although the trend has cooled off, and today’s players tend to opt for strictly cleats, the crosstrainer still holds a special place within baseball footwear.

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NOTE: This article was originally published March 28, 2013, with updates.

  • J J

    No Kenny Loftons?

  • free

    why are the jordan jeter in the top ten they are all ugly shoes

  • Dean Martin’s Soul

    Dick riding Jordan’s heavy even with bum ass Jeter shoes. Griffey’s take the cake. Complex writers are a team full of hypebeasts

  • Fran

    What about these? A Rod had a shoe in the mid 90s.

    • Jared Judnich

      Those were actually called the Air Max Show. Alex repped them but they didn’t carry his name

  • turn2

    Love that #20, #21 and #22 The author “lifted” MY pics yes MY pics.

  • turn2

    Love that #20, #21 and #22 The author “lifted” MY pics yes MY pics.

    • Riley Jones

      The images were pulled from user PuffNettles on the NYYFans message board. If you’d like us to include a link to your photographs, we’d be happy to add one.

  • Riley Jones

    The link will be added, thanks for your comment and interest in the article. By the way, nice collection!

  • Jared Judnich

    2 things: 1: You have the release of the Zoom Diamond and the Zoom K-Lo reversed, the Zoom Diamond came first. 2: The top 12 are all Jeters? You can not be serious, please take your pinstripes colored glasses off. Any discussion of the best Baseball Sigs starts and ends with Griffey.


      I gotta agree…but kinda feel the 360’s at toward the end of the list but to me the. Full air bred griffs are fly

    • Riley Jones

      Jared, thanks for your comment. The list is chronological, that’s why the Jeter line comes in towards the end.

    • lucky7lion

      The diamond turf are sharp too

  • shapace

    Anyone know where I could locate ken griffey jr nike air max mid and white with red swoosh from 2002?

  • RT5

    Man those Jumpman Jets are available in right now… Or so I thought, I tried ordering those 10 year old shoes but they never ship. They always say they cannot find them in stock. I wonder why??

  • mula

    3000th home run really? you should probably proofread these before you post

    • Riley Jones

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention, it has been fixed.


    How many color ways for griffey 360