The Complete Sneaker History of Big East Tournament MVP’s

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allen iverson georgetown

With the anarchy and chaos that is the NCAA, student-athletes, television money, regional supremacy and fandom gone wild, one of the sacrificial lambs of all of this will be the end of the Big East. The conference allegiances are dissipating, the conference tournament in Madison Square Garden could be no more, and the level of vitriol and hatred that’s slung amongst friends will now have to be rooted against….South Florida? Tulane? Ugh.

As the tournament ramps up for its 33rd and final edition, we take the time to reflect on the history of the Big East and the MVP’s that stole the stage for mere mortals to admire and appreciate on the first weekend in March. Sneaker Report presents…The Complete Sneaker History of Big East Tournament MVP’s.

Eddie Maisonet is the Editor-In-Chief of The Sportsfan Journal, contributor to SLAM Online and Sneaker Report, and loves women who wear big hoop earrings. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with more of his shenanigans and tomfoolery.


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  • bluedragon

    not to nitpick but Troy Bell is wearing Answer V, not the Answer IV. enjoyed this list

    • emaisonet

      Thanks for noting on the V’s vs. IV’s, hope you come back for more.

  • trent

    Scoonie Penn’s kicks are the Boom not Swingman.