The Evolution of the adidas Barricade

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BarricadeLead The Evolution of the adidas Barricade

It’s finally time to dust off that tennis racket and dig out your favorite tennis shoes, as the French Open and June weather is just weeks away.

In the spirit of tennis traditions, Sneaker Report is eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new tennis releases this spring. Whether this means some new foot candy from specialty brands, or the next Vapor for Federer, what we’re most excited to see is the next edition of the iconic adidas Barricade. Proving its best-of-the-best performance features, the adidas Barricade 7.0 was the choice shoe of Australian Open Champ Novak Djokovic and US Open Champ and Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Murray. Since the Barricades’ original release in 2000, adidas has continued to improve this premiere shoe to make it the top choice it is today. This is The Evolution of the adidas Barricade.


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  • BabyGerald

    Your image for the Barricade 3 is incorrect. That picture is of a pair of Barricade Team 7s.

    • mike

      not only that, they posted the bercuda II (barricade 7 takedown/economy version) for barricade 2 pic. this shoe’s level is even lower than the barricade team ii, like a beginner tennis shoe

      • BabyGerald

        Yeah, it’s a bit amateur-ish the way this article was put together. A simple Google image search can pick out the right image. Adidas still makes the barricade 2, so there’s really no excuse.