The Evolution of the Nike Mercurial Vapor

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Fifteen years ago, Nike unveiled its first Mercurial worn by Ronaldo. It’s a boot that not only dominated the game with its intricate innovations, but became an institution in worldwide athletic apparel. Now what do Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard, and Ribéry as well as numerous soccer stars have in common? Strikingly fast speed, yes, they also all wear the Vapors. Nike having employed the name of a natural gas to a boot, it makes perfect sense since slipping into a pair of these will make your foot pace quick witted much like the reactions of Vapor itself.

Speed can only be matched by weight, and the innovation kitchen has made it a standard to create only the most lightweight and durable boots. Conquer any surface in these boots as they are made available for Soft Ground (SG), Firm Ground (FG), Artifical Ground (AG), and Hard Ground (HG).  Here is The Complete Tech History of the Nike Mercurial Vapor.


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