The Great Debate: The Performance Sneakers Past Presidents Should Have Worn

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Tonight is the night: the Presidential Debate is finally here. Occasions like this get us feeling especially patriotic here at Sneaker Report, even if we are usually focused more on fitness gear than fiscal policy. Meditating on the beauty of the democratic process, bald eagles, Old Glory and all the rest got us thinking … what sneakers would our Presidents have worn?

Only a few Presidents have actually worn sneakers, but we feel like if they were alive today, most of them would have dope kicks befitting a real Decider-in-Chief. That’s right. It’s the list that all of you poli. sci. buffs / fitness enthusiasts have been waiting for, where we match the presidents past to their perfect performance sneaker. Take a look to see if you agree with our suggestions.



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  • Caleb

    Kennedy isn’t wearing the Kennedy 999s? What a shame.

  • Alex

    Got my history and my sneakers in! Really interesting article.