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The Shoe for Runners Seeking to Conquer Gait Efficiency

The Minimus Hi-Rez has been on the Sneaker Report radar since New Balance first announced it last summer. One of the 10 Sneakers to Watch For in April, the barefoot-inspired running shoe is now available for runners to hit the road in during the warmer summer months.

Along with its no-sew FantonFit upper that is incredibly light yet offers exceptional support and a firm fit, the star feature on the Hi-Rez is the series of 42 independent midsole pods that are mechanically bonded to a flexible foundation, allowing the shoe to move in a synchronized motion with the foot.

The Hi-Rez weighs in at a featherweight 3.7 ounces. But despite its lightweight construction, the shoe is designed to help runners who are looking to improve their gait efficiency.


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  • Ed Hastings

    What is your definition of “gait efficiency”? Are you comparing O2 costs between individuals or mechanical gait efficiency of an individual?