The Single Defining Shoe of Each NCAA Tournament from the Past 20 Years

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Every year, as March Madness simmers down, one team's hard work pays off as they become NCAA National Champions. Similarly, there's always one sneaker that stands above the rest. Whether its the debut of the latest teched-out performance model, or just an undeniable performance in a great sneaker, there's always that one individual shoe fans seem to remember. As the 2013 title game approaches, sneakers such as the adidas Crazy Quick and D Rose signature line are among the most noteworthy in the tournament. Looking back, Sneaker Report team has considered number of factors and now we present The Single Defining Shoe of Each NCAA Tournament from the Past 20 Years.

Riley Jones is a journalism student from Charlottesville, VA. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things ’90s, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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  • UglyBoyFresh

    WOW, this was actually a good list!

  • jrose2345

    Great list! Shocked you guys didn’t have Bibby in Foams from 97 or AI in Concords from 96.

  • Scottie Spitten

    Where are the Barkley II’s the Fab Five wore their sophomore year in the tournament, though?

  • T. Lopez

    Hurache 2k4 ruled 2004 on all level little league to the Olympics