The Sneakers Worn for the 10 Best NBA Buzzer Beaters This Season

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This has been a great NBA season, one of the best in a long time. After last year’s lockout, Derrick Rose’s injury, and Miami’s (yawn) blowout of Oklahoma City in the finals, to name a few of the things contributing to last year’s fun dip, it was high time for the NBA to raise its value. And raise it it did. Entertainment soared in 2012-13, due in part to a pretty even spread throughout the league of young, mid-career, and veteran talent, but also because the games have just seemed more exciting. Why so? Two words: buzzer beaters. Game winning buzzer beaters. There’s been enough clutch shots that it’s hard to keep track of them all. While some of these shots were from the league’s best, and some were against the league’s best, the sum of them all is astounding. So what was everyone wearing as time expired? These are The Sneakers Worn for the 10 Best Buzzer Beaters This Season in the NBA.


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