The Sneakers Worn for the 50 Best Basketball Performances in NCAA History

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patrick ewing georgetown air force one

The calendar has officially turned March and with it means a few things are beginning to happen:

  • The weather is beginning to get a bit warmer. Amen. 
  • St. Patrick’s day is coming up soon, libation rules the nation. Amen.
  • March Madness is officially around the corner, which means time to bust those brackets. Amen.

So get ready the constant office banter with that one guy swearing he’s the best at filling out brackets (even if he or she fills out 37 of them in the process) and your favorite college basketball team likely to break your heart in some fashion. (You know, because only one team wins the whole thing.) From buzzer beaters to big-time upsets, here are The Sneakers Worn For The 50 Best Basketball Performances In NCAA History.

Eddie Maisonet is the Editor-In-Chief of The Sportsfan Journal, contributor to SLAM Online and Sneaker Report, and loves women who wear big hoop earrings. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with more of his shenanigans and tomfoolery.


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  • Dan

    #2 – showing a pic of a pair of Ponys, but the text says Charles was wearing Puma.

  • Bradley

    #38 He’s obviously wearing Hyperdunk 2011’s, but you said they were Hyperenforcers.

  • dee matthews

    Patrick is wearing Nike Legend not Air Force 1 know your sh*t when talking to sneakers heads.

  • dee matthews

    I didn’t know Ray Allen hit another shot over Allen I and Georgetown in 2011…