The Soccer Cleats Worn by the 8 Best Transfer Targets

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With the new season just upon us and the transfer window closing in 3 weeks, teams are starting to place some extra impetuous into making their marquee signings. We see the same trend every summer, but this year has been especially hectic with large transfer amounts being thrown around like monopoly money. Even now there are several huge rumors floating around about players that will being moving to new clubs. Here, we take a look at some potential transfers we will see in the next few weeks and uncover the boots that these players are currently wearing. This is The Soccer Cleats Worn by the 8 Best Transfer Targets.

[Editor's Note: As of posting, none of these transfers had taken place.]

Bryan Byrne is the founder of SoccerCleats101. Got a question about boots? Hit up Bryan on Twitter.


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  • Spursfan97

    LOL It’s just a boot. A boot is suited for a player, the player is still the same with or without the boot.