The Ultimate Sneaker Report Cricket Gear Guide

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Your alma mater may not have a cricket team, but that doesn’t mean the sport isn’t legit. It’s just legit everywhere but the states. In fact, behind fútbol, cricket is the most popular international sport. So it’s about time you familiarized yourself with it.

Now, we could write a whole book on cricket rules and regulations, but who wants to read that? Not us. So to keep things simple, cricket is sort of like baseball (not really), except, only in a sense that there are bats and balls, batters and fielders. But that’s where the similarities stop. In cricket, two teams consisting of 11 players per side take turns batting on a circular field. In the middle of the field, called the pitch, a bowler from one team attempts to get the batter from the other team out by knocking down a set of wooden stumps—that’s the basic idea anyway. Of course there are different types of matches, all of which have a slightly varied scoring system. But you can learn about all that another day. For starters, here’s a breakdown of the gear you’ll need to play a game of cricket. This is The Ultimate Cricket Gear Guide.


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