Chris Webber in the Nike Air Maestro

Today in Performance Sneaker History: Chris Webber is ROTY in the Nike Air Maestro

Chris Webber is currently part of TNT’s Playoff coverage, but the former All-Star was much more involved during this time two decades ago. On May 3, 1994, as the ’93-94 NBA season came to a close, Webber won the Rookie of the Year honor. Although Webber’s draft class featured other stars like Penny Hardaway, C-Webb’s rookie year numbers were some of the best of all time, which cemented his ROTY recognition. He was the first rookie to tally over 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 blocks, and 75 steals. These mammoth numbers helped to foreshadow a successful career for Webber, who would go on to be a five-time NBA All-Star with the Washington Bullets and Sacramento Kings.

Webber rotated between some of Nike’s best sneakers of the era, and is known for wearing the Nike Air Maestro on several occasions. The Air Maestro featured an inner neoprene sleeve, ankle lock strap, and Air cushioning. If you’re a larger guard or forward, you should consider the updated Nike Flight Maestro Plus and can be found for $54.

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  • Sir Wonderful

    The Air Maestro is one throwback Nike keeps avoiding!!!!!???? Why, anybody’s guess is as good as mine! They came up with a generic ass remake selling in second hand shoe stores – but they just need to cut the bull and just come up with a base retro line that people can reorder on a regular basis, like the Nike I.D. line! Some people like Chuck Taylors – I’m a 70’s baby! Therefor when I want a pair of white/cement Retro 4’s – then gotdang-it – I want to be able to find a pair, when my last pair got dogged out! It’s just that simple. BUt I guess Nike wants to f**k with the true sneaker consumer and lose business! Oh well, their lost not mine!