Ranking Every USMNT World Cup Kit from 1990 to Now

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US Jerseys

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Over the past few weeks, we have been introduced to a slew of new international soccer jerseys as brands prepare to showcase their design abilities at this summers World Cup in Brazil. The U.S. team will be there, in what is the toughest group at the tournament and they are set to be a focal team right throughout.

There is tremendous history with the U.S. jersey as was displayed with the celebrated, high profile release of a centennial version in 2013. We have seen the patriotic red, white and blue employed in most jerseys, but there have been plenty of surprise colors along the way. Since we are on the eve of the latest U.S. jersey release, we take a look at the modern era and the jerseys that have been released.

Here are all the US soccer jerseys that have been released and worn by the national team since 1990.

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