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Warrior Finds Themselves In Hot Water Following Controversial Title IX Tweet’s

Warrior may have just gotten themselves into a bit of hot water, and once again it’s over another controversial tweet.

On Thursday night, ESPN aired a pair of showdowns between the United States and Canada across two of their channels. Softball got slated for the flagship ESPN channel, while over on ESPN2 played a national showdown between the neighboring countries in lacrosse. Apparently for the person running the Twitter account for Warrior, a sports apparel company that specializes in lacrosse gear, this was totally unacceptable.

The first tweet from @Warrior read,  “Does anyone else find it laughable that Softball is on ESPN1 & #WorldLax is on ESPN2? #TitleIXProblems.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, @Warrior then quickly tweeted, “To clarify one of our tweets: There are 375 Women’s Lacrosse teams in the NCAA compared to 296 Men’s Teams. #Inequality #TitleIXProblems.”

The tweets were however quickly deleted after they came under heavy fire all across the internet, with people bashing them for insensitivity to the battle for equality for female athletes. Sporting News took an interesting stand on this, as they pointed out the disparity in college lacrosse scholarships is heavily outweighed by those in football, so clearly some schools have programs to balance it out.

This isn’t the first time Warrior has come under fire for their social media actions, as back in 2012, Major League Lacrosse star Jovan Miller, and many others, strongly opposed to a Warrior advertising campaign that used the hashtag #NinjaPlease, clearly one that has some racial implications.

Apparently Warrior got wind of the controversy and offered up this “apology” through their Twitter:

We didn’t mean to offend anyone earlier. We respect all athletes just ask@victoryearned. We just have a tendency to #CrossTheLine sometimes.

The whole “CrossTheLine thing seems like a honest sentiment, until you do some further research and find out that “Cross the Line” is the catchphrase for Warrior’s latest ad campaign, which leads us to think is this a genuine apology, or is Warrior just spinning the story? Either way, they could use some lessons in proper social media tactics.


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