What the 10 Best Wingers Wear and Why

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Where would soccer be without all the dangerous, hardworking, creative, energetic wingers of the world? Yes – wingers are the most important players on the pitch. Ok, so I might be a bit biased on this since I was a winger through my career, but as fans we live for the excitement a winger can provide when taking on defenders down the line and swinging balls into the box. It is an important job and one that can earn you a reputation as being a generous teammate.

Here, we take a look at the 10 best wingers currently playing and the boots they have on their feet. Note that we considered real wingers on this, and not players who primarily play up top. You might notice a common theme with the boots on the list (one pair shows up on 6 of the 10 players) but there is a twist at the end! This is What the 10 Best Wingers Wear and Why.

Bryan Byrne is the founder of SoccerCleats101, a website created as a valuable source of unbiased information for players looking to find out about soccer footwear. Got a question about boots? Hit up Bryan on Twitter.


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  • That guy

    Since when has David Silva ever been a winger? And, why does it matter what boots they choose? They get paid millions of dollars to wear what their sponsor company hands them…I’d be more interested in seeing what semi-pro wingers are wearing since they would have to choose a boot based on performance and not on a paycheck from the company.