Where to Play Grass Court Tennis in America

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Wimbledon has begun and the emphasis on grass court tennis has returned. Often referred to as “lawn tennis”, grass courts provide a vastly different level of play than other surfaces. The slippery, unpredictable surface has made way for the popularity of clay and hard courts, especially in the US. Still, for tennis traditionalists and die-hards, there’s nothing quite comparable to a natural grass surface.

A major drawback is that they can be pretty difficult to come by—oftentimes grass courts are offered in high-end private clubs only accessible by premium membership fees. Sneaker Report has searched across the country to find places where you won’t need an elite pass just to play. Whether you’re looking to try out grass courts for the first time or add to your destination bucket list, this is Where to Play Grass Court Tennis in America.


Riley Jones is a student from Charlottesville, VA. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things ’90s, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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