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Adam Silver and LeBron James to Discuss Sleeves at Season’s End

When the league’s biggest superstar complains, the league listens apparently. After voicing his displeasure over the NBA’s new sleeved jerseys multiple times this season, LeBron James will sit down with commissioner Adam Silver at the end of the season to discuss his gripe with the league’s new fashion statement, according to Silver.

“I’ve had conversations with LeBron about the jerseys, and we agreed that we would park the issue until the end of the season,” Silver told Bleacher Report. ” And that once the season is over, he expressed an interest in sitting down.”

James’ most recent criticism of the sleeves came after the Heat’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs on one of the NBA’s Noche Latina nights. James claimed that his sleeved “El Heat” jersey played a factor in his measly 6-for-18 performance from the field.

Bleacher Report reports that teams that have worn sleeves this season have been shooting at a .456 percentage while the traditionally tank-toped teams are shooting .461.

“If there was any reason to believe that the sleeved jersey was affecting competition, the program would have already ended,” Silver told ESPN.com last month. “If the players decide, whether it is just a function of superstition or that they really don’t like them, we’d probably move away from it.”


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  • Daniel Dustin Manaligod

    I for one, really don’t like the sleeved jerseys at all. How it looks is already bad as it is and it bothers me to the point that Adidas wanted the NBA to appear more and more like FIFA, MLS or anything that relates to soccer. It’s already fine to have sleeker tank-top jerseys, but the sleeved jerseys must end immediately!

  • Nene33

    Where did my post go?

    • Nene33

      Seriously, I highlighted some inconsistencies in LeBron’s story, and I addressed the Elephant in the Room, which I suspect is the reason why you posted this in the first place, so why remove it?