The Best Performing Shoes of Day 1 in the NCAA Tournament

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The NCAA Tournament is here and featured a dramatic day of 16 games. There were three overtimes, and one official buzzer-beater among a few game-winners. The Texas Longhorns snuck out with a big buzzer-beating win by Cameron Ridley that devastated Arizona State. St.Louis made a great 16-point comeback against NC State. NCAA powers like Syracuse cruised to victory, but close wins by teams like Dayton and Harvard made the first night a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone watching.

With all the great performances, there were some great shoes that were featured. The shoes included everything from some of the best Jordan retros to the best new Nike models in PE colorways. From the Nike Zoom Crusader to the Jordan X here are the Best Performing Shoes of Day 1 in the NCAA Tournament.

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