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  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_613_A copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_614_A copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_616_A copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_713_A copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_713_B copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_413_A copy
  • Nike-Free-Flyknit-Womens-Running-Shoe-615806_610_A copy

The Nike Women’s Free Flyknit+ is Available for Pre-order

Just hours after the unveil, the Nike Free Flyknit+ is available on Nike.com for ladies only. Going for $160 for an August 1st delivery, the shoe is shown in seven colorways that show the super hues made possible by the FlyKnit technology.

Pre-order the Nike Free Flyknit+ here.

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