This Week on Instagram: Going for the Gold

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Image via @denisdekovic

Image via @denisdekovic

From the World Cup to Wimbledon, some of the world’s top athletes are on the cusp of taking home the gold. The World Cup has been narrowed down to just four teams, with semifinal match ups between Brazil and Germany on Tuesday and Netherlands and Argentina on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Wimbledon men’s singles title will be decided by the time you read this, with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer vying for the trophy. It was all documented on Instagram, along with a wide variety of other sports and activities, so be sure to hit the jump for your complete eye candy fill.

Riley Jones is a freelance writer from Charlottesville, VA and a contributor to Sneaker Report. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things pop culture, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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