What the 10 Best Strikers Wear and Why

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Top 10 Striker Boots

It is a pretty common trend in the game of soccer— striker gets the ball, striker scores a goal and the fans chant his name. From there, he receives all the big headlines and the larger brands fight to get his signature to wear their boots. A striker might only be one player in 11, but when it comes to advertising, he is seen to be the golden nougat when scoring goals. Simply look at Sergio Aguero and that goal for Man City, you can picture the guy at Puma who put together his endorsement deal crying with joy as the ball hit the back of the net. Hello there evoSPEED!
Here, we explore the list of the best 10 strikers currently playing the game and take a look at the goal scoring boots they are choosing to wear on their feet. This is What the 10 Best Strikers Wear and Why.

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