Fitness Hashtags That Need to Be Retired

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For social media, it seems that going to the gym or doing a physical activity always calls for some showing off and letting others know how much you’re working out, getting in shape, losing weight, or sticking to a New Years resolution. But there’s a fine line between being a regular everyday athlete or a tool-ish meathead. We all know the type.

Letting your followers know whats up is one thing, but to bombard a timeline with unnecessary, and testosterone-heavy hashtags is a totally different ballgame. Your #GymFlow #GymSwag and #GymProblems can only be tolerated so much. Is it not enough to just let them know you’re at the gym? Or must everyone know your #thoughtswhilerunning or what body part you’re focusing on today.

It’s a controversial topic, while we’re all about hitting the gym here is a list of fitness hashtags that blur the line.

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