The Best Workout Songs of 2013

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best workout songs 2013

The year is finally coming to a close and while the majority of your social network feeds are proclaiming the usual “new year, new me,” you’re just taking the time to burn the last few hundred calories before family dinners and holiday sweets become too unbearable to deny.

You’ve spent the entire year adding new songs to your workout list, and each has helped pump you up to finish that last mile or move up while lifting. So to help prepare you for that influx of membership at your gym and having to wait for cardio machines and dumbells while still keeping you motivated while working out next year, here are The Best Workout Songs of 2013.

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  • sadasadef

    scheiss gema

  • Steven

    Shouldn’t this be called the worst songs ever made list of 2000 ever ? Good God. wtf

  • Anon

    These songs are almost all shit. What rubbish

  • george

    katty perry for workout? wtf

  • Jim Tang

    lol, katy perry for workout wtf :) honestly, i think there’s more wtf in there.

    personally i recommend mortal kombat theme song – here you go, and the 10 hours version ;-)

  • daniel

    You lost me at the first song. I’ll never use this website again. This writer needs to stop.

  • Eddie Paddy

    today’s music is rubbish for workout try soundtracks like Rocky,Bloodsport,Kickboxer,The Warriors,No Retreat No Surrender,Mortal Kombat has been suggested Best Of The Best,Karate Kid 1980’s,Cobra,Teen Wolf song Win In The End,R.A.D.Soundtrack,Enter The Dragon,Dragon Bruce Lee’s Story,Commando,The Last Dragon,Over The Top and LockUP.

  • Kevin Daniel

    Wow these are the worst workout songs.. I mean Retrograde? That is so slow I would fall asleep on my run. Most the others are just typical garbage.

  • vanessa gomez

    i actually liked this list. had a little of everything. i love dirty rap beats to work out too, and pump up beat songs too. thanks for the list!

  • Morgan Bogaert

    this is crap. first one is the best selection and its katy perry. working out needs to have relaxing slightly up beat music not speradic

  • James