The Best Glow-in-the-Dark Running Shoes

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Well runners, it’s that time of the year when the days begin to get shorter and making it home in time for an after-work run seems beyond reach. But that doesn’t have to be the case—just because there’s less light outside doesn’t mean you can’t step out for your daily run. In fact we’ve put together the following list of the best glow-in-the-dark running shoes to help you do just that—to get out on the road and start racking up those miles (all while being safe of course).

Understanding the safety needs of night running, many of the top footwear brands have introduced sneakers with all-out visibility features ranging from reflective materials to actual glow-in-the-dark finishes. Some of your favorite models have been given the night-glow treatment, so next time you lace up, you know they’ll see you coming. And given that today’s Halloween and all, maybe your new glow-in-the-dark kicks can even double as your trick-or-treating costume (if you’re still into that sort of thing). Happy runnings!


Gurvinder Singh Gandu is a New York City-based writer and wear-tester for Sneaker Report, and contributor to Complex Media. Follow him on Twitter @GurvinderSG for the latest in performance footwear and gear.

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