Testing Out the Stickiest Football Glove

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21-Cutters-X40-Feat copy

No. 1 – Cutters X40 C-Tack Revolution

Sticky as a: Molasses-spread Cinnabon covered in Elmer’s Glue

The top dog of sticky sticksters is the X40. Was I impressed? Yes. Was I terrified? No. Was I Spiderman? Almost. The X40 C-Tack Revolution is snug, light, and uses Cutters famed C-Tack grip that is rather astonishing. Your ability to grasp the ball with even just your fingertips makes the game of football into a magician’s show. Imagine reaching back over the DB and snagging the ball from behind his back. With these gloves, that would not be out of the realm of possibility. These gloves ARE STICKY.


22-Cutters-X40-Down copy 23-Cutters-X40-Display copy 24-Cutters-X40-Side-Spidey copy 25-Cutters-X40-Upside-Down copy 26-Cutters-X40-Spidey copy

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  • Chase c.

    Would any Nike reciever gloves compare to these ???

  • Chase

    Would any pair of Nike reciever gloves compare to the cutters

    • Wide receiver 15

      Nike gloves are terrible.

      • Holden

        Check out nike magnigrip gloves. Odell Beckham Jr was wearing these when he made the catch. Never used them but supposedly they are really sticky.

  • Chris

    I disagree with the Cutters x40 because they ware out really quickly

    • Gustavo

      Just spit on and rub them together until there dry it going to be hard to rub them because there so stick trust me I have them in all black